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Organize COVID-proof

Would you like to organize your event safely, in a legally correct manner and in accordance with the COVID measures? Not easy in a 'corona world' in which we are flooded with (social) media messages, laws, decisions, tips and ideas. It is almost impossible to see the wood for the trees and to focus on your expertise: organizing a fantastic event.


Our experienced and certified prevention advisors can assist with the implementation of the mandatory COVID-19 measures and help to organize your event COVID-proof.


Drawing up clear , logical and understandable procedures and plans to prevent the further spread of the COVID-19 virus. How do we deal with visitors, participants, employees, colleagues, goods, personal protective equipment,…? For example, what do we do if a colleague becomes ill, what steps should we take if we notice that a visitor is showing COVID symptoms?

Our prevention advisors draw up short but clear procedures: a simple step-by-step plan so that everyone can immediately act correctly.


Correct and consistent follow-up of the measures is key. Clear briefing and training of employees is therefore a priority. To B-Seen  can prepare and carry out this training and briefing. Without woolly language or legal texts, but in understandable human language.


Contact us for a non-binding introduction and more information about our operation!

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