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Safety advice

To B-Seen is licensed as a company for the provision of  safety advice under the Belgian Federal Government Home Affairs

Safety advice for events

Safety at events is a complex matter that has to comply with all kinds of rules, standards and legislation: all dynamic factors that are constantly evolving.  To B-Seen is there for you.


We focus 100% on the safety aspect so you can focus 100% on the organization of the event.  We assist you with advice and assistance and answer all your specific questions regarding safety and prevention at events.  Do not hesitate to contact us and we will take care of the safety organization of your event!



prior contacts with official authorities and emergency services
safety coordination
construction and deconstruction works
safety tour and on-site inspections
safety coordination event

Depending on the needs of your event, we take care of the safety section from A to Z .  Prefer a partial aspect? This is of course also possible!


What does all this mean? Booking stability inspections, the measures to be taken regarding fire safety and evacuation, dispatching in the command post, managing security and stewards... Everything you can think of regarding safety!

In short

You create, we make it safe!




Complying with the law to keep the public safe is one thing. Another matter? Crowd management of your audience.


Predicting and understanding the actions of your audience is important to ensure safety.


An example: from the legislation you can easily deduce the number of emergency exits that you must provide. But where do you place these emergency exits in function of a safe evacuation?


Where is the best place to place stewards and hostesses who hand out flyers and gadgets?


This all has to do with crowd management and we can offer you an answer to all your questions. 

The importance of crowd management has unfortunately manifested itself in unfortunate examples in the past.


The deadly drama during The Love Parade in 2010, the Hillsborough disaster in 1989... All examples of why it is important that you pay attention to crowd management at your event.  


Would you like more information about crowd management? Notify us! We are happy to help you.

Event Locations


Fixed event locations must also comply with all kinds of rules and laws. They can often have a specific character because they are permanent establishments.  


We have developed a unique formula for events that are organized at a fixed location.


Each event is classified according to criteria in a specific category. Based on these categories, we propose the measures to be taken.

Do you have any future plans to open an event location? Are you organizing an event at a fixed location? Or does the security part of your location needs a refresh?


We at To B-Seen are happy to advise you.


Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you!

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